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What is Go ?

The game of Go is a strategy boardgame played with white and black stones. Both opponents aim to draw the largest area on the board. This game has been played in China for 3 or 4 thousand years, it has become Japan's national sport and some tough international tournaments are played between China, Japan and Corea every year. Go was exported to the USA after WW2, and Europe discovered Go around 1970's.

What is a kifu ?

When a game is being played, every stone on the board is counted as a move and every move is written in a grid on a paper called kifu (say [kee-foo]). Thus a kifu is a record of one game of Go. Then the game stored on a kifu can be commented by some Go master and added to some collection of kifus, and sometimes Go master's kifu collections are compiled into a book and sold in bookshops.

What is JKifu ?

JKifu stands for Java Kifu editor and is developped under J2SE 1.5. It is aimed to convert paper written kifu to SGF file. Its two main points are the small time to input a kifu and the debugger that looks for mistakes. More over many facilities are included (or will soon be included) for JKifu to be easy to use, such as customisable colours or favorite language.

What does JKifu allow ?

  • to enter a whole kifu or an extract of a kifu to a virtual game board,
  • to save, load, modify the virtual game board,
  • to add SGF standard information such as "Black player name", "Tournament place", etc,
  • to detect missing moves,
  • to detect duplicated moves,
  • to convert the virtual game board to an SGF file.

What does not JKifu allow ?

  • to load an SGF file,
  • to handle game variations,
  • to print a kifu,
  • to play go.

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